About us

We are a firm that provides customized services for each client. We have been in Wheat Ridge for over 20 years, and our firm has been in practice since 1969. Our philosophy is very simple and based on the following concepts:

  1. Help the client choose the best business form. The form means what type of entity gives the client the most flexibility, helps reduce taxes, and provides the type of information necessary to make good business decisions;
  2. Answer questions when asked, if we do not know the answer, we will find out. Answering a clients’ questions saves a lot of headaches for all;
  3. Use all the tools that we have available to assist a client in making a business decision;
  4. Help a client keep current. Don’t let a client get too far behind. Timeliness is important.
We have experience in many software products and our computer engineer can assist a client in choosing the correct combination of equipment and software to accomplish any needed task.

We understand that cost is an important part of any business decision. Having worked in both the real world and the academic world can help us better understand your issues and offer a decision path that will best solve your needs.

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