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Proper accounting procedures start with your bookkeeping. Starting correctly is better than having to catch up later. Filing penalties, bank overdrafts, and late payments are just a few of the problems that haunt businesses that do not have a proper bookkeeping system. My Accountant Too, Inc. offers to be your back office. We have helped hundreds of small businesses get started and simplify their back office functions. We can provide comprehensive accounts payable and receivable services, budget and forecasting, periodic financial reporting, check preparation, mentoring and impartial reviews. We are the comprehensive management consultant that will assist you in all of your planning and financial needs. That means you can spend more time with your customers and less time working on the books.

Proper reporting and a systematic review process makes sure that your business is ready to respond to the requirements of dealing with customers, new vendors, and banks.

My accountants too, Inc. can handle your bookkeeping needs on both an after the fact system or a real live system.

Basis bookkeeping services provided by our staff are simple:

  • We record your checks and distribute all of those payments to the proper general ledger account; this alone means that your expenses are properly and timely allocated;
  • We record your receipts classifying them as either, income, loans, or payments on accounts receivable and any other items that might occur;
  • We reconcile your bank accounts on a monthly basis showing you what checks are still outstanding and what deposits have not cleared the bank;
  • If you choose to do your payroll, we can provide you with the required payroll reports from information that you provide to us;
  • Detailed financial reports, income statements, and balance sheets that can be prepared to show your budgeted amounts and the variances or just a simple percentage detailed income statement;
  • Trial balances, detailed general ledger and any aged receivables and payable reports that will help you manage your business.
  • We offer direct vendor payments via the bank ACH system.

If you choose to use our billing services: we can give you reports that detail your receivables and customer details that will help you choose how to manage your customers and products or services. We can provide owner associations with timely billing systems and keep a detail of what is owned by each owner and help provide any property management firm with the periodic detail that they need to get their job done and satisfy the property owners.

If you choose our accounts payable services: we will write your checks when the bills are due, distributing them to the proper accounts; if you need Job Cost reporting, we can provide that information, including setting up your job budget and cost control reports.

Timely information is essential to good management decision making. Give us a call to see if we can help!

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